Ranelagh Ready

Hello, and welcome to Y6 into Y7 ‘Ranelagh Ready’. We have created this page to help prepare you for your important transition journey from primary to secondary school. We are very excited to welcome you to the school and we hope that the information and activities that you will find on this site will alleviate some of your potential worries and help you to become excited about joining our school community from September. We have also included some information for your parents and carers too.

We will be updating this page every Friday for four weeks, starting from the 24th June 2021, with information about the school, the staff, the opportunities on offer for you and some activities and challenges that our teaching staff have put together for you, to help you get ‘Ranelagh Ready’. Some of the challenges will be linked to subjects that are taught at Ranelagh, and others will be designed to help you to develop and practice some of the new responsibilities that you will be undertaking now that you are moving into secondary school. These will help you become curious about the subjects you will be studying next year and help to further develop useful habits that you will need when you join us.

Also available will be statements and videos from some of our students, which will contain some great advice about what it was like starting at Ranelagh for them. Even some of our teachers have filmed some taster lessons for you, so you can get an experience of what lessons at Ranelagh are like (I know that the science department is excited about showing off some of their equipment). We are looking forward to you joining the Ranelagh family and hope that the information on this site enables you to be Ranelagh Ready!

Our staff have started to call each of you who will be part of our new Year 7 in September to welcome you, find out a little bit more about you and answer any questions that you have.

Parents and carers, if you have any questions for us, please send them to this address: pevans@ranelagh.bonitas.org.uk.