The Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is an opportunity for young people to get involved in a life-changing experience. It provides them with skills that can be used in many situations. The Award involves participating in lots of challenges and pursuing interests and talents. The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a great activity to include in CVs and it helps to improve confidence and team skills.


The Bronze Award

Day Date Time Destination
Tuesday 5th November 2019 15.35 – 17.00 S31/32
Wednesday 4th December 2019 15.35 – 17.00 S31/32
Saturday 18th January 2020 10.00 – 14.00 S31/32
Wednesday 4th March 2020 15.35 – 17.00 S31/32
Wednesday 11th March 2020 15.35 – 17.00 S31/32
Practice Expedition – Friday 20 th and Saturday 21 th March
Wednesday 29th April 2020 15.35 – 17.00 S31/32
Wednesday 6th May 2020 15.35 – 17.00 S31/32
Qualifying Expedition A – Sunday 17 th and Monday 18 th May – New Forest
Qualifying Expedition B – Sunday 5 th and Monday 6 th July – New Forest
Presentation evening September 2020 Main Hall

The Bronze Award is the first out of the three awards and it helps ease people into the skills. It involves many hours of training and planning sessions which all pay off in the final expedition.

There are 4 sections in completing this award and they all have a time frame that they need to be carried out for.










The Gold Award

The Gold Award is the top award within the Duke of Edinburgh scheme and helps develop both proficiency and dexterity with teamwork and outdoor skills. It involves multiple hours of commitment to all sections, however due to the transferrable skills involved in undertaking the award, it will help make your CV prominent to future employers.

Unlike Bronze, there are 5 sections in completing this award and they all have a set time frame that they need to be followed for.












Day Date Time Destination
Saturday 30th November 2019 9.30-15.30 O12
Sunday 1st December 2019 9.30-15.30 Gedye Block
Practice Expedition Friday 3rd - Monday 6 th April 2020
Qualifying Expedition Friday 26th - Monday 29th June 2020
Presentation evening September 2020 Main Hall


DofE Ambassadors

Why students should take the opportunity to become a DofE ambassador?

– Do an hour per week – volunteering activity sorted.

– Tailor the role to their interests – event planning, content creation or leadership?

– Take their CV or personal statement to the next level.

– Develop leadership, mentoring and management skills.

– Be the student voice for DofE


Our DofE ambassadors are:


Craig Barter 13D

Having completed all awards of my DofE from Bronze to Gold, I am an experienced student that can help portray tips and tricks particularly regarding what to pack, what food to bring and navigational expertise. The DofE ambassador training day both acquired me with new knowledge and taught me new skills to advise and guide the future generations of students here at Ranelagh, to continue our established success with this prestigious award


Maia Larks 12B

After completing my Bronze DofE I have gone on to do my Gold. I attended an Ambassador training day which will help me advise and support students who participate in DofE in the future. I really enjoyed my DofE experience and it allowed me to step out of comfort zone and teach me new skills



Further information

You can find useful information on the DofE website, on the Edofe website, or here:

You can also contact your DofE manager Mr S Netherway, with any questions.

How to pack a rucksack

Looking after your feet

Eating on a DofE Expedition

Waterproofing and weather protection

We would recommend precautionary measures against possible insect bites / Lyme disease such as DEET use, wearing full leg covers, clothing tucked into socks, tents zipped up.  For more information, please look online.