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Year 9 Trip to Dolygaer

On Monday the 11th to Saturday the 16th June 73 Ranelagh year 9 students adventured out to Dolygaer in Wales for the week. The week was filled with amazing activities and we all made some new friends! Throughout the week we partook in many activities, ranging from a long hike to raft building; everyone enjoyed the activities thoroughly, although we all got pushed out of our comfort zone at some point.

A highlight of the trip was stand up paddle boarding. We played many games, tried to do yoga on our boards and even went on a big party paddle board all together!

The caving was also a fun activity. However, it was very scary for some as the cave got very small in places and at the end we even turned off all our lights and tried to make it back in the dark! It was definitely a fun experience.

The hike, although long and tiring was very rewarding. We even cooked our own dinner and carried everything we would need. The morning after we made breakfast and built fires, which was fun but very difficult considering the large amount of midges onsite.



















The rest of the week we had canoeing, gorge walking, kayaking, raft building, archery and orienteering (which became very competitive when there was a chocolate prize to win!)

Overall the week was amazing and we all owe Miss Mills and all the other teachers a big thank you for taking us.

By Rachel Hounsell-Roberts