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Year 7 trip to the Mosque

On the 28th, 29th and 30th January year 7 were privileged enough to visit an Islamic place of worship, Abu Bakr Mosque. We arrived in the morning and spent the day having a tour of the mosque, partaking in activities and leading a question and answer session with the imam.

Before entering the mosque we had to take our shoes off to keep the mosque clean.  The imam welcomed us and took us through to the first prayer hall, which had a blue carpet with red lines. We did not reflect much on it at the time, but learnt later that the red lines were to make sure that every Muslim had their own space to pray.

In the prayer hall the imam told us about the mosque. We discussed the very modern exterior of the mosque and were given time to walk around the prayer hall and look at the interior. This included us noticing that there were prayer beads to guide Muslims in prayer and also curtain rails, so that during the month of Ramadan Muslims could sleep in the mosque if they wanted to.

After learning about the 5 pillars and 6 articles of faith, the imam toured us around the mosque. Highlights of the tour included seeing the wudu (wash) room, going up to the top floor to marvel at the dome and then visiting the basement, which is where many Muslim children go to learn about their faith. In the month of Ramadan the mosque provides free food and you can fit approximately 1500 people in the mosque!

We ended the visit with a form vs form quiz about what we learnt, where 7W won on the first day, 7Z on the second and it was a tie between 7U and 7V on the third. The visit was amazing and we returned with a much deeper understanding of what it is like to be a British Muslim.

Written by Joshua Satchell (7U), Brooke Mason (7V), Liliana Payne (7V) and Matilda Shand (7Y)