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Year 13 Economics Revision Day

On 8th March 2018 a group of Economics students from year 13 went to Brakenhale School to meet one their idols, EconPlusDal. For those that don’t know, Mr Dal is an Economics youtuber who has 47,145 subscribers and is seen as a major star by students of Economics who love his excellent and informative short videos.  He is also and experienced senior examiner and head of department at a school in Kent. The event was hosted by Brakenhale and attended by year 13 economists from several local schools.

Excited by the fact that we were meeting Mr Dal we were very enthusiastic for the day ahead. The day was split into 5 sections; two sessions were about macroeconomics which looks at the large scale world economy, two were about microeconomics which looks at the behaviour of consumers and producers in industries and one was how to combine macroeconomic and microeconomic theory when answering longer essay questions which is seen as one of the most difficult skills in A-level Economics.

The idea of the day was to learn how to get a greater amount of marks when answering exam questions rather than teach us theory as we had already been taught the theory in class and exam technique is crucial when getting the top grades. For instance we learnt that for questions which ask ‘to what extent?’ or ‘do you agree?’ We used a PCCE structure for our paragraphs which stood for Point.Cause.Consequence.Evaluation. The structure of the essay is very important in gaining top marks so we found this very useful to know. One of the highlights of the day was playing different games Mr Dal had set up for us, with each person getting an answer right getting a handshake from EconPlusDal himself as a prize. Although none of us were able to shake his hand we all found this exciting and felt it made the day interesting.

Overall the day was extremely enjoyable and especially worthwhile because we were able to gain invaluable knowledge on exam technique as well as meeting EconPlusDal. Thanks to Mrs Hartley for giving up her day to come with us, we thoroughly enjoyed it.