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Year 12 EPQ Trip to Royal Holloway


On Wednesday the 10th January, Year Twelve Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) students took a research trip to Royal Holloway University in Egham. After being escorted from the train station to the university by the Student Ambassadors, we were given an introduction to university, with a presentation about the history of the school and university life.

We were then taught about research skills, involving choosing key words and eliminating unrelated results in search engines and we feel this will really help us with our final EPQ!

We went on a tour of the campus, around all of the beautiful buildings, and learnt all of the amazing history behind each and every one. Lunch followed this and after which we returned to the computer room to use the new skills we were equipped with to find papers and journals for our EPQ.

All students found the trip educational and beneficial to their EPQ and now have additional high quality research and research skills to help them complete their projects. In addition to this, lots of students found that this is an incredible university and would definitely consider it as an option after A-Levels.