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Year 12 & 13 Economics students’ trip to the Marist School

On the 9th of March, Year 12 & 13 Economics students embarked on a trip to the Marist School for a conference hosted by the Institute of Economic Affairs. We received three informative and thought-provoking talks from experts in their field. First, Steve Davies delivered a talk on the future of Artificial Intelligence and how it might affect macro and micro economics in the years to come. After that, Kate Andrews spoke about the “Gender pay gap” and whether there really is sexist prejudice in businesses or whether campaigns manipulated stats for their benefit. The final talk came from Richard Wellings, who discussed the positives and negatives of protectionism and whether it would lead to the “Demise of the West.”

It was a great experience for us as we got to hear about economics in the real world and get views from other economists. We’d like to thank Mrs Hartley and Mr Ames for arranging and taking us and the Marist for hosting the event.