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Year 10 French Exchange to Marseille – Friday 18th March

We awoke to a blue Provençal sky, auguring well for the day ahead. Having gone to school with our French hosts, we left them to their lessons while we went by coach into Aix – a beautiful town, all the more beautiful in the spring sunshine. A well thought out and fun quiz enabled us to explore Aix whilst improving our French skills.  Great courage was needed to approach people in the street and ask them, in French of course, for the names of famous French detectives and Cézanne’s favourite places!

Wonderful picnics provided by host families sustained our afternoon visit to the Musée Granet where we enjoyed and appreciated some of the exceptional art collection. Back to school and then home with our hosts – and then back to school again for a soirée hosted by the headteacher – delicious canapés, some ‘thank you’s’ and a chance to mingle with the families.

A very enjoyable day!