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Staff Workshop: Teaching Empathy

Empathy Eyes
Members of the history department led a thought provoking session on how we can develop empathy in our students.
The starter was a quiz, guessing the emotion of a person by only looking at an image of their eyes.  For anyone interested here is the link.  There are 35 in total.
We then talked through a series ​of scenarios that have occurred in History lessons recently – where debate can lead to extreme views being offered and how teachers might best respond to these in order to develop students who are more empathetic.
There was also the opportunity to consider our own classrooms and share examples of practice where we look to develop empathy from e-safety in ICT and health and safety in Technology to cultural awareness in Modern Languages and religious tolerance in Religious Education.  We also discussed the importance of modelling empathy in our everyday practice.  Finally, we discussed the BBC article, ‘Can you teach people to have empathy?’