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Sports Day – 7th July 2017



8.50am          ALL PUPILS MUST ATTEND Registration (No Assemblies) Competitors must change before school and leave uniform in lockers.

8.55am     Whole school line up on school field (as in fire drill) in tutor groups with their tutor including competitors.   (Give valuables in at this time to tutors for safekeeping.)

9.00am     Whole school walk to the sports centre in tutor groups. Tutor groups file off field and walk in tutor groups as follows:  Yr 12, Yr10, Yr9, Yr8, Yr7.

              Staff to ferry any ’non-walkers’ to the Sports Centre in car – Meet in Reception.

9.25am     Arrival at Sports centre:  Competitors sit in house groups (look for house flag) with their heads of house on track in front of stadium in preparation for an opening lap of the track.  Spectators make their way to:

              Designated seating for spectators:

              Uncovered Area:  Winrow & Cleave  (left of Stand facing track)

              Covered Stand:  Barnett & Waterson

              Grass Bank: Braybrooke (By finish line, Stand side)

9:45am     All track and field events will take place according to the order of events and during this time no-one should leave the stand area, except to compete.  Approximate timings on the ORDER OF EVENTS will be displayed around the spectator areas.  (Competitors are responsible for checking the time of their event, Track events MUST TAKE PRIORITY ).  Refreshments will be available at this time and pupils can bring a small amount of money.

12.10pm    Finish



Please bring appropriate clothing for all eventualities. NORMAL KIT or a shirt of your house colour is acceptable.

If WET, only competitors, helpers including ALL OF YEAR 12 and essential staff (previously notified on Staff jobs sheet) will go to the stadium. (Bring waterproof tops)

If SUNNY, make sure you have sun cream, hat etc.

Please bring inhalers and epipens with you to the stadium even if you don’t expect to need them.

Please have plenty to drink.



Please see Mrs Nicholls by Wednesday if you are unable to walk to the stadium and I will arrange transport for you.

Please bring hats, sun cream, plenty to drink; perhaps a small snack and a small amount of money as refreshments will be available.



Only competitors, All of YEAR 12 and essential staff will go to the Sports Centre. (Meet in the Sports Hall to leave at 8:55am).



Leave by Ranelagh drive, turn right down Broad lane. Cross Broad lane at traffic lights. At the Horse and Groom pub go down the under pass and follow the cycle path that runs parallel to the Bagshot road all the way to the Sports Centre. Marshalls will be along the route to direct and supervise road crossings.