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RE Ambassadors visit to Jennett’s Park Primary School

On Wednesday 2nd May a group of twelve RE Ambassadors from years 10 and 12 visited Jennett’s Park Primary School to educate children from years 3-5 about an RE topic of their choice. The scheme, which is run by the Oxford Diocese aims to raise the profile of Religious Education in primary schools and encourage secondary school students to be confident and proud to talk about their faith and belief. It was an extremely successful event and the students at Jennett’s Park all fed back that they had learnt a lot.

During the process, the students took part in training sessions, exploring a variety of methods they could use in primary schools, including activities to retain engagement. They learnt how to best express their religious views, whilst also being inclusive of other beliefs. Students felt that the process was excellent, providing them with a platform for public speaking and an opportunity to work with students from different year groups. The topics students presented on ranged from exploring religious commitment in different religions to posing challenging questions such as ‘does God exist?’ The primary school students responded well to the presentations and asked some excellent questions at that really challenged the Ambassadors’ knowledge.

On Thursday 21st June, the Ambassadors look forward to their next visit to Wild Ridings Primary School, where they will face the challenge of adapting their presentation to a different year group.

Written by Daniel Ames, Josie Westgate, Nicholas Meads and Ayesha Khan