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Ranelagh Mock Election

This week six students have been representing four of the major political parties, and events this week have included hustings to the whole school and ‘Ask the Candidates’ with the Sixth Form. All students received their ballot papers on Thursday and voted, with each of the constituencies (tutor groups) appointing a seat. Across the school there are 39 constituencies, meaning that a party needed to win at least 20 constituencies to secure an overall majority. As no one party secured an overall majority, we have a hung parliament! Thank you and well done to all who have been involved, particularly to Henry, Bekah, Hannah, Dan, Hermione, and Katie who all stepped up to the political podium displaying their power, love, and self-control.


The overall total percentage of votes cast for each party across the school were:

Conservative                     32%

Liberal Democrat             29%

Labour                                  25%

Green                                   14%


Total number of constituencies won:

Labour                                  10

Green                                   0

Conservative                     19

Liberal Democrat             10



The full breakdown of results is below.

Year 7

Number of votes per party:

Labour                                  63 (38%)

Conservative                     47 (28%)

Liberal Democrat             33 (20%)

Green                                   23 (14%)


Voting in each constituency:

7U          Conservative

7V           Labour

7W         Conservative

7X           Labour

7Y           Liberal Democrat

7Z           Labour


Year 8

Number of votes per party:

Liberal Democrat             66 (44%)

Labour                                  35 (23%)

Conservative                     34 (23%)

Green                                   15 (10%)


Voting in each constituency:

8U          Conservative

8V           Two-way tie between Labour and Conservative: Conservative

8W         Labour

8X           Liberal Democrat

8Y           Liberal Democrat

8Z           Liberal Democrat


Year 9

Number of votes per party:

Liberal Democrat             47 (32%)

Labour                                  37 (25%)

Green                                   33 (22%)

Conservative                     30 (21%)


Voting in each constituency:

9U          Liberal Democrat

9V           Two-way tie between Conservative and Green: Conservative

9W         Labour

9X           Liberal Democrat

9Y           Two-way tie between Labour and Liberal Democrat: Liberal Democrat

9Z           Labour


Year 10

Number of votes per party:

Conservative                     64 (43%)

Labour                                  39 (26%)

Liberal Democrat             26 (17%)

Green                                   21 (14%)


Voting in each constituency:

10U        Labour

10V        Conservative

10W       Conservative

10X         Conservative

10Y         Conservative

10Z         Conservative


Year 11

Number of votes per party:

Conservative                     50 (35%)

Labour                                  44 (30%)

Liberal Democrat             32 (22%)

Green                                   19 (13%)


Voting in each constituency:

11U        Labour

11V        Conservative

11W       Three-way tie between Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat: Conservative

11X         Conservative

11Y         Two-way tie between Conservative and Liberal Democrat: Liberal Democrat

11Z         Conservative


Year 12

Number of votes per party:

Conservative                     33 (34%)

Liberal Democrat             26 (28%)

Labour                                  24 (26%)

Green                                   11 (12%)


Voting in each constituency:

12A        Liberal Democrat

12B         Conservative

12C         Conservative

12D        Conservative

12E         Labour


Year 13

Number of votes per party:

Liberal Democrat             24 (36%)

Conservative                     21 (31%)

Labour                                  14 (21%)

Green                                   8 (12%)


Voting in each constituency:

13A        Conservative

13B         Liberal Democrat

13C         Conservative

13D        Labour