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Pip and Nut 

On the 13th November Pippa Murray came in to Ranelagh to talk to the 6th form about her nut butter company she founded in 2014 and is now a strong competitor in many supermarkets across the UK. As an ex student at Ranelagh school it was inspiring to hear about her rise as a business woman and her journey to get to where she is now. Pippa started working at the Science museum after leaving university and started making healthy peanut and almond butter in her spare time and eventually quit to pursue her dream of founding ‘Pip and Nut’.
It was fascinating learning about how she found a factory to manufacture her nut butter, employing her first staff members and creating her brand and logo to make her dream a reality. It was a valuable experience for all the student who attended to get inside knowledge from a successful entrepreneur.
We had another hour to ask questions regarding her business and product which was arguably as interesting as the first hour as we got a real insight into how she runs the company what her role is as a CEO (head squirrel) of her own company. From this we found out the amount of hard work and determination she needed to get a strong brand and to push it into stores around the country. This was inspiring and eye opening to find out what it is really like being an entrepreneur.

By Ko Beadon