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Peter Pan & Wendy

Peter Pan and Wendy offered a new experience and opportunity for students and staff alike, with challenges like flying, set design and coming together to put on the magical production it turned out to be. It gave us the chance to meet new people, strengthen friendships with students of all ages and increase our confidence to try new things.  On receiving the fantastic script all cast members were eager and inspired to start the journey through Neverland. Creating the characters and individual personalities came with the freedom to take a new perspective on the well known and loved roles from J.M. Barrie’s famous novel. With support from new found friends and staff we all were able to experiment with creative takes on the original, with a female Captain Hook, an extra Darling child and a particular emphasis on the power of imagination. I had a wonderful time being a part of Peter Pan and Wendy making friends and memories that I will cherish forever.

Written by Eleanor Woolston 9W