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Mock Trial Competition 2017

On Saturday 11th March, 12 year 8 and 9 students took part in the Mock Trial Competition at Reading Crown Court. It was an extremely tense day, but it all ended well, and was completely worth all the work leading up to it.

First up were Ranelagh’s defence team to perform against Little Heath. It was a tense performance for the team with some hard questions for the team. Sadly, the defendant was found guilty as the lead magistrate dismissed the team’s argument that one second was not long enough for an eye witness to recognise a person they already knew. The team took it well however and understood how they could perform it better next time.

Then it was time for Ranelagh’s prosecution team to go against the Willink’s defence team. Again, there were lots of hard questions but Ranelagh’s witnesses answered every question with ease – even getting some laughs at one point! Again, the defendant was found guilty, which is exactly what the prosecution team wanted.

Then it was the waiting game. Everyone went to the entrance hall to listen to the High Sherriff and wait for the results to be announced. Ranelagh took second place and progress to the regional final in May, a fantastic success.

Written by Emily Walters