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Microsoft DigiGirlz – ICT/Computing

On Friday 18th of November eight girls from Year 8 were invited to take part in the Microsoft DigiGirlz event at the company headquarters in Reading. The purpose of this exciting event is to inspire young women to consider the diverse number of career opportunities in technology. The girls were treated to corporate hospitality from the outset, before having their minds opened and stretched by inspirational, futuristic speakers and creative team challenges. Each school had to design an app for a given market, Ranelagh’s was health and fitness. The girls worked brilliantly as a team to design an app for young people that would help them chose a healthy diet and feel more confident about their body. Based on the slogan of “helping you feel better about yourself”, the app allowed users to track their diet and were then given healthy swaps for their food choices. It also gave daily healthy challenges which, once completed, resulted in reward points. Unfortunately, our app was not chosen as one of the winning designs but overall the day was extremely enjoyable and inspiring. The final address was from the Microsoft UK CEO, Cindy Rose, who is a real ambassador for women in the technology industry. The students had a fantastic time and learned a lot from the experience.


Digigirlz photo