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Holocaust survivor visiting Year 9

We were fortunate to be visited by Ernest Simon on Tuesday 2nd May, who came in to speak to Year 9 about his emotional experiences during the Holocaust. He described his memories of witnesses Synagogues burning during “the Night of the Broken Glass” when he was only 8 and a half years old. He then told us about how his parents made the agonising choice to send him alone to Britain on the Kindertransport, not knowing if they would see him again. Thankfully, his story had a happy ending and he was reunited with his parents in Britain. However, it was particularly moving when he told us that if he hadn’t been lucky enough to secure a place on the Kindertransport he does not believe he would be alive today.

It was a powerful experience which has helped us to understand more about the Holocaust and about how useful oral testimony can be to historians. ​