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Drama trip to The 39 Steps

On the evening of Thursday 5th May a group of Year 10 and Year 12 students accompanied by members of staff took a coach to Southampton where we watched the performance of The 39 Steps. The play is based around pre-second World War Britain, where a man has been told a sinister plot that will lead to the Second World War. This source of information is killed by an unidentified secret organization. This man now finds himself on the run while avoiding the police, as he has been accused of the murder, while also trying to avoid the shady organization which is the culprit of the murder and possibly the Second World War. He meets friends and enemies keeping the audience and especially the students in fits of laughter.

All in all the night was brilliant and the students as well as the staff really enjoyed it. On behalf of those who attended I would like say a huge thanks to all the members of staff, which helped to organize the trip and taking us there. I cannot exaggerate how funny and well executed the entire trip was.

Written by Edward Barnard