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Business and Economics visit 3M

On the 15th June, Year 12 business and economics students, led by Mr Ames and Mrs Hartley, were fortunate enough to spend the morning in 3M. In the three hours spent in the in the company site, students were given many opportunities to explore the inner workings of the company as well as opportunities to develop their existing skills.

Three main activities were organised for the students, all of which gave them an insight into possible post-sixth form options, improved their critical thinking skills and team work and helped them to develop an understanding of consumer behaviour.  A ‘speed-interview’ gave the students the chance to meet a variety of 3M employees, ranging from university students to mechanical engineers, and ask them any questions they had. This allowed them to gather a wider understanding of the huge range of diverse jobs offered by 3M, as well as career advice based on the personal experiences of the employees. Next came the problem solving workshop, in which students were challenged to think outside the box in order to solve a number of puzzles. Team work was the key focus of this exercise, as each individual had to not only focus on their own efforts, but also on those of their peers in order to achieve the given goal. In the final segment of the day, students were shown a snippet of the vast range of innovative products made by 3M, ranging from post-it notes to floating concrete, as well as being taught how to understand and analyse consumer wants, a key area for many businesses.

The trip was an enjoyable experience for all the students, who were able to use their business and economics knowledge and skills in a more practical setting. A big thanks to 3M, and its employees is due, for hosting the event and broadening the student’s knowledge.