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Broad Haven, Pembrokeshire – Year 9 School Trip

Between 12th June and 16th June, 51 year 9 students went to Broad Haven for a week of fun in the sun! The temperature was high, rain was unlikely, and from the offset it looked like it was going to be a blast.

The journey was not boring. Between snippets of conversation and beautiful scenery, we were all looking forward to seeing the rooms we’re in, and the groups, and activities we’re going to do. After a quick stop, we were off across the long Severn bridge, and officially into Wales. For some, this was the first time out of England, but for others the sight of tarmac rushing past roaring waves is familiar. An hour or so after the bridge, we saw the first glimpse of the hostel.

We got our room numbers and settled down, unpacked, and talked to roommates. As always, the first night was sleepless, because of a mix of homesickness and the excitement of spending a night with besties. When we ‘woke up’ the breakfast was delicious and the activities began. Each group did these activities in a different order, all under the close supervision of our amazing instructors:

  • Coasteering
  • Team Building
  • Rock climbing & Abseiling
  • Kayaking
  • Body boarding
  • Hiking
  • Rock pooling
  • Raft building
  • And some more activities that I’ve forgotten!

If you ask anyone who went on the trip their favourites, it’ll either be coasteering or body boarding. In coasteering, you slip into a wetsuit and buoyancy aid, then jump off the pier into the shockingly cold water, that makes you want to gasp, but must hold it in because you’re underwater. Then you go scrambling up some rocks, and jump back in to play a game of washing machine. (Where you sit in an indent in the rock and you bounce in the extreme swell.) Then you swim around to another jump, then another, and before you can say ‘coasteering’, it’s over! Then you have to walk back to the van. We also found some lemon grass just gripping to the rock that we all smelt.

Body boarding was just as good, if not better! After slipping into wetsuits we collected our plastic bottomed polystyrene boards and took to the waves. We learnt the best wave to catch is a double wave where the back one is just about to overlap the front. This gives you double the power! To catch a wave you have to line your back up to the wave and push off just as the wave is about to hit you.

Only as it began, the visit stopped, and before we knew it we were on the coach for the long ride home. That night I’m safe to say all of us went to sleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow!


Max Booth. Year 9.