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Berlin trip

Berlin is definitely a trip that I will remember for numerous reasons. For the entirety of the four days, the information we were learning was incredibly eye-opening, and, not only did we have a great time staying with our friends and talking to new people, but it will also be memorable as we can never forget the horrors that some of the civilians had to endure.
This was most prominently evident when we visited the Sachenhausen Concentration Camp; it was very heart-wrenching to see the conditions that these people were kept in, to hear about how they were treated and just to know what had happened in the place that you were standing in. I don’t think any of us will ever forget this. Linking to this, we also visited the Topography of Terror, exhibiting the ways the SS and Gestapo terrorised the minorities. This was extremely insightful and offered us information the textbook could not. Another place that was hard to visit was a World War Two bunker, knowing the horrors that occurred in there and also the atomic air raid shelter that we visited as a part of the Story of Berlin Museum. Both visits were chilling and gave us a lot to think about. I think, overall, coming from the trip it made me appreciate my life a lot more, because I have a very easy life compared to this. I enjoyed visiting the Checkpoint Charlie museum and Panorama so that I could get a grasp on the cold war as none of us had studied this yet. Then, there was the sightseeing aspect of the trip which I really enjoyed. We did a walking tour, starting at the Brandenburg Gate, so we could hear about the previous division of the infamous city whilst viewing some of the spectacular sights of Berlin. The walking tour was fantastic, and we all learnt a lot about the buildings and their significance in 1980s Berlin. We could also take in the environment whilst walking between sites. It was fantastic to walk through the heart of this brilliant city, and there are definitely views that I won’t forget.
I think I can speak for all of the students when I say that we’ve taken in so much more than we originally expected, and this trip has definitely given us an incredible insight to Berlin’s past.

by Emma Quainton and Ellen Boylan​ in Year 10.