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Bank of England Economist visit to Ranelagh

This term, Sixth Form Economics students had the pleasure of receiving a talk from an Economist from the Bank of England; Zahid Amadxarif. He delivered an hour-long seminar on the role of the Bank of England and his personal journey into his profession as an Economic Researcher.

The Bank of England is an integral part of our Economy and can be seen as the backbone of our financial infrastructure. Whilst they are a primary function, the bank also researches extensively. The role of the Bank of England is a specific part of the A Level Economics specification, so to have Mr Amadxarif deliver with depth, in particular its regulation functions, was extremely useful to the budding Economists.

Mr Amadxarif began his journey into Economics through studying pure Economics at Brunel University in 2012-16. Despite not studying Economics at A Level, his Politics A Level delved into certain elements of Economics which would trigger his desire to study it further on its own at degree level. In his 3rd year at University, Mr Amadxarif applied for a placement year at the Bank of England. Since completing his MSc, he has returned to working for the Bank as an Economist in Competition and Impact Assessment.

After the presentation, he opened up to questions from the floor. Honest and un-biased in his explanations, he highlighted the effect of the Global Financial Crisis has had on our economy and how his research now must reflect on the mistakes made leading up to the 2009 crash.

Overall, the talk was useful and insightful to the Sixth Form Economists and teachers, providing additional depth to be used in essays and further cementing the knowledge gained in class. We would like to thank Mr Amadxarif for his time and kind offer to take pictures at the end of the talk.